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Covid-19, Jesus and prayer: Update 1

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

We’re more than a year into the Covid-19 pandemic and there’s still no end in sight. No wonder, across the globe millions of people still resort to prayer as the sole defense against infection or worse, a substitute for rational behavior to mitigate the chances of spreading the disease. Along with the increase of infection rates and fatalities, more and more people are expressing their gratitude to god through every form of media for causing the global pandemic.

Excuse me…what? Granted, they aren’t literally doing that. But if they were anything near consistent, they should. After all, shouldn’t they be grateful for everything god does; even if he is killing off thousands and thousands of their fellow churchgoers?

Remember former USA president Dump’s plan to tackle the health crisis? Indeed, instituting a day as National Day of Prayer is the most famous of the federal powers he invoked to battle the catastrophe hitting his country. Shirking all responsibilities as president, he left most of the doing to state governments and local authorities. The lack of a clear, uniform and nationwide response to the pandemic is one of the reasons the USA has among the highest rates of deaths per capita due to Covid-19. Not bad for the richest country in the world. You got to give it to the Americans: always eager to be first and biggest in everything… Having a retarded president is not a benefit to anyone or any country. But if that retard is advised by official on-the-payroll-White House staff who are clearly clinically insane, things only get worse. Here’s one: Paula White, White House spiritual advisor (no pun intended). I know, it sounds ridiculous. Don’t blame me; I didn’t create the position.

Invoking angels from Africa and especially South-America is probably the reason why Dump lost the bid for second term’s presidency: they couldn’t get over the wall Dump built. Karma sure is a female mammal. Paula White is of course not the only delusional Christian with a direct communication line to god. Like her, many evangelical Christians predicted Dump’s victory, based on the inside information god gave them and them alone. Although the USA is a country that can boast of having the most fanatic, fundamentalist and insane religious people, they are not the only country where people still think prayer does anything.

What about Cindy Jacobs? What happened to her and her ultimatum to Covid-19 to leave the planet and boldly go where no man ever will? I checked some of the poor demented soul’s videos and yep, she still has her believers and admirers, although Jesus is no longer one of them. When Cindy ordered the evil Coronavirus to take the shuttle and leave the planet, Jesus clearly had different plans for humanity and had still a few million people to kill. Thus, in spite of having made a complete international fool of herself, she is still going strong, predicting other stuff that will never happen with the unwavering support of the bigger fools who want to continue seeing her getting it wrong. Below is the link to her video: 2021: The year of The Stand. Stephen King should sue her for every 600,000 USD of her net worth, making such a mockery of his novel. If you want to see a slow but steady descent into absolute madness, then one of her video's below is but a moment in that down hill ride.

The real reason why god doesn’t listen to these female prophets is of course because they are… women. After all, the bible clearly says that women should keep their yap shut when it comes to god, religion and pretty much anytime they assume to know something better than misogynistic men like the self-declared apostle Paul. What you need is a man to speak for god…and not just any man…no… a prophet and healer more powerful than Jesus himself. Jesus, the most powerful god to ever take human form, healed some blind, some crippled and even some lepers. He did not banish leprosy from this planet however; he did not eradicate the bacilli causing cholera or TBC. But here’s Kenneth Copeland, god’s favorite son, more powerful than god himself, sent to humanity to destroy the Coronavirus once and for all:

There. That takes care of the pandemic. We can all relax now, spit in each other’s faces again and go visit these crackpot’s churches so they can get a little richer off of our hard earned money. By the way, why doesn’t he blow cancer away; or Alzheimer’s? Seriously folks, why are people like this not in straightjackets? Why aren’t all the people who keep supporting and funding these jackasses?

Within the smaller circle of my personal life, posts and tweets regularly reach me expressing gratitude towards a god for either not getting sick or surviving the results of having been infected. You often see messages in the likes of:

· “Thank you, God, for keeping me safe from Covid.”

· “Thank you, Jesus, for keeping me and my family healthy and safe.”

Here’s a verbatim citation of an acquaintance after he recovered from Covid-19, posted on his Facebook-page. This man is a well respected financial planner so for obvious reasons, I do not divulge his identity.

“Dear Jesus, thank you for healing me from Covid-infection and restoring my health. I offer my new life to you.”

Not a word of thanks to the hospital or the doctors. Not a word of gratitude to the nurses who merely by administering his medication were risking their own lives to save his. Not a word of thanks to his connections that got him a bed in a maxed out hospital. Not a single form of apology to the person whose bed he took because of his connections. Maybe he even caused the death of someone else by abusing his position and connections. But even if you invoke god to justify that and saying that it’s all god’s will…

…then why go to a hospital? Can god not save you while you’re at home? What difference are those years of studies of doctors and nurses going to make whether you get better or not? It’s all up to god. Why should people do anything? If god wants something to happen, then it will happen. If god makes you sick and infects you with a virus he worked on for so long, then why do you rebel against his will by fighting against the disease he inflicted you with?

You have to be consistent. If you attribute your chances of survival, health or success in anything to god, then you don’t need human assistance. This would be at the top of my hospital admission form:

Do you believe in a god almighty? Do you believe that it will save you, that it will heal you according to its will? Do you believe that it will keep you healthy and alive?

o If no: please proceed with the rest of the form

o If yes: you don’t need this institute. We cannot do anything for you that god has not chosen to do already. Please vacate the premises for someone who does not have your god to fall back on.

You can pray all you want; it doesn’t change a thing. People make a difference. What people do makes a difference. Prayer does nothing. People started praying with regards to Covid-19 ever since it became an international problem. As referenced in our previous post, in January 2020 there were 56 fatalities to be grieved because of this disease. As of April 18, 2021, billions of prayers later, three million twenty six thousand nine hundred thirty six people have succumbed to the effects of the Coronavirus. Once again: please stop praying and please…stop thanking god for all this death, sickness and poverty caused by his mysterious plan.

Charles Dalet, PHD, April 19th, 2020

Sources of fatalities due to Covid-19:

Worldometer as on April 19th, 2021, 14:46 GMT and consulted on April 19, 2021, 21:08 GMT:

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