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To fill oceans of humanism and seas of secularism

In its own small way, the Church of Isa Lahat hopes to contribute to a more secular world, the only kind of world that can guarantee everyone's freedom to not believe or to believe in whatever god. If ever you see points where articles could be improved, or if you think you have an interesting article to add yourself, feel free to contact us. Meanwhile, we hope you can enjoy the posts below already. Thank you for your visit and kindest regards.

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List of first century authors

References 003 We do not claim the below list is complete, but we feel confident that it gives a fair overview of the literary legacy of...

Tales with tails

References 002 Below list is just one of many different collections of fables traditionally ascribed to Aesopos. This list is not...

Thou shalt not kill but the killer

References 001 The ten commandments of Exodus 20 are probably the most famous laws ever given, and with it its sixth commandment "thou...

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