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To fill oceans of humanism and seas of secularism

In its own small way, the Church of Isa Lahat hopes to contribute to a more secular world, the only kind of world that can guarantee everyone's freedom to not believe or to believe in whatever god. If ever you see points where articles could be improved, or if you think you have an interesting article to add yourself, feel free to contact us. Meanwhile, we hope you can enjoy the posts below already. Thank you for your visit and kindest regards.

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How dumb is god?

Got God-questions 08 For an omniscient god, the Christian god-god-god sure was quite ignorant about a lot of things. In this article,...

Where did the bible come from?

Got God-questions 07 In a very concise blog post on, Michael Houdmann gives us the 3,000 year history of the writing,...

Appalling apologetics

How Christians applaud the Holocaust and similar atrocities On June 28, 1942, early in the morning a 12,000 strong division of the...

Got God-questions? 05

Is Yahweh omniscient? The answer to this question isn’t all too complicated. Let’s first look at some clear textual examples where god...

Got God-questions? 04

Is Jesus god? I’ll start this post by saying that in my view Jesus most definitely is not and was not a god. Saying that could be...

Got God-questions? 03

Is god omnibenevolent? Or in plain English: Is god all-good? With the understanding that we are answering the question regarding the god...

Got God-questions? 02

Why does God demand, seek, or request that we worship Him? I am not the first one to ask this question. In fact, this question is used...

Where is heaven?

Got God-questions? 01 It’s a simple question. But for some reason, Christians seem completely unable to give a simple, straightforward...

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