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The Church of Isa Lahat


The Church of Isa Lahat is the proponent of the one possible goddess Isa Lahat. It supports the enlightenment of the human species through secular humanism, the use of reason, logic and critical thinking. 
CoIL recognizes the possibility of the existence of the one true goddess Isa Lahat while rejecting the Abrahamic religions for being delusions, as all three are based on the same historical fiction stories of the so called "Bible". In contrast to those religions, CoIL seeks to advocate people's freedom and value rather than the degrading slave state the Abrahamic religions impose on people's thinking. The hope for a gradually improving world lays in the human potential, not in the idle waiting for an afterlife that may or may not exist.

Our young platform will continue to point out the many problems concerning religious dogma. We believe that the happiness and well-being of humans is primarily determined by humans. We like to promote ideas and views that offer ways to increase that well-being regardless of any individual's background. We do however oppose blind faith or claims of authority based on unevidenced gods. 
Whatever the topic may be, our approach is based on the question whether those ideas and views contribute to the world's and everyone's betterment, with the understanding that much of it is subject to a lot of debate. Debate however is often the first step to agreement and cooperation and we heartily welcome it, as we do you, no matter who you are or where you're from. After all, being human is what applies to and connects all of us.

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