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God is unimaginable...

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God is unimaginable. I thought it would be an obvious paradox and self-contradictory statement. But apparently there are quite some people around who take this seriously.

Here’s an example:

“The human imagination can never go beyond space. Since God is the generator of space, God exists beyond space and can never be imagined. The miracles are the unimaginable incidents that indicate the unimaginable God.” – Shri Dattaswami

Well, Shri, I’m probably not the first one to break it to you, but you just imagined that there is a god beyond space.

Most of the time though, ‘unimaginable’ is attributed to qualities or characteristics of god, or things that god does or will do. Typing the subject title in Google’s search bar will give you more than 10 million results to pick from. On date of writing, the number one result is the example I will use here. It’s a silly post really with nothing more than a few easy assertions from a pastor… but credit where credit is due; it IS the number one result out of 10 + million. God is great indeed.

“Unimaginable power of god”

It sure is a nice title, but Pastor James really doesn’t give us any examples of that unimaginable power. Hence, I will extend the invitation to anyone who believes god has unimaginable power:

Name me one thing god can do you cannot imagine.

Patricia Forrester, 19 August 2023



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