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Counting Contradictions

Cancers in Genesis 05

In three very short posts we have already pointed at twelve clear contradictions in the Buy-Bull, and we only needed one to refute the assertion that the Buy-Bull is the inerrant word of a coherent god. Since Can Scam and his fellow simple minded YERCs are only in the kindergarten stages of rational thinking, it is doubtful that this clear evidence to the contrary of their claims will count as evidence to them.

In this post, we zoom in on some of the attributes Christians describe their god with. Note however that according to their own god, it is questionable whether Christians should endow their god with any attributes, as the opening quotations of their very own fantasy stories make clear.

The Buy-Bull Bully creates the problem, and then presents himself as the solution. This has been religion’s most efficient marketing strategy since the dawn of time. The people of the books attribute their gods with a lot of traits. Of all those, their deity’s omnibenevolence is the most ridiculous and nonsensical one. If something doesn’t make sense, it probably isn’t true.

Patricia Forrester, 01 March 2022



Retrieved from Erik Ortiz, "'Absolutely Wrong': Bill Nye the Science Guy Takes on Noah's Ark Exhibit", 17 July 2016, NBC News > Science, photo by John Minchillo, AP

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