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Can god count?

Cancers in Genesis 06

It is a good thing that humans do not rely on god’s mathematical knowledge. The simplest things in life would become impossible using god’s catastrophically flawed math. Maybe god’s infinity could be the explanation for his inability to keep track of time but that doesn’t account for his problematic relation with something as simple as natural numbers.

Aside from numerical errors, god seems to have a problem with distinguishing night from day, which shouldn't be a thing for the thing that created them. Once again, we give but a few examples. But a few is already more than necessary in order to refute the biblical inerrancy claim.

God’s own words recorded in Psalm 89 are revealing in several ways. Inspired by alcohol (Holy Spirit), Ezra sees how his god betrays everyone he ever made a promise to. Secondly, forever doesn’t seem to be as long as people generally imagine. Assuming king David was the biological direct ancestor of Judah’s last king Zedekiah, “forever” started around 1010 BCE and ended in 587 or 586 BCE, a time period of 424 solar years (the Hasmoneans were not of the Davidic line). If Ethan, contemporary to David and Solomon, was already lamenting the downfall of David’s kingship of Juda, then “forever” may not even have lasted more than a century. Thirdly, god tells us that the sun and moon are eternal (‘immortal’) heavenly bodies, at least for as long the heavens will exist. But doesn’t this imply that they too have existed before time itself, as god is alleged to have existed? And if god’s forever is equal to the timespan the universe (the heavens) exists, does that mean that god will cease to be when our universe does? Or maybe god already died together with the last king of the Davidic dynasty of Judah?

I suppose only god knows whether he is dead or not.

Patricia Forrester, 02 March 2022



Retrieved from Erik Ortiz, "'Absolutely Wrong': Bill Nye the Science Guy Takes on Noah's Ark Exhibit", 17 July 2016, NBC News > Science, photo by John Minchillo, AP

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