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Why Good Friday is the best news never

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It has been a while since Frank Turek posted anything of note on his own ministry’s blog and his ‘Good Friday’ assertions of 2022 don’t make a lot of sense either. But we’d be remiss to not point out the contradictory statements of the gospel guru, which will undoubtedly be parroted by other Christians without any scrutiny.

“Why do we need to be forgiven and reconciled to God?” asks Frank as an introduction to his fetish: morality. Frank has expounded greatly on morality and in spite of his arguments being shown to be deeply flawed, his article is but a mere summarized repetition of his contradictory assertions:

  1. God is an infinitely just being

  2. God is the infinite standard of justice

  3. God is the standard of morality

But, per Frank, god is also the one who:

  1. finds a way to allow unjust people like you and me to go unpunished.

  2. He does that by punishing Jesus of Nazareth in our place, a man free of sin

  3. Jesus is our substitute for justice.

I suppose I could leave it at that, as Frank is his own demonstration of contradiction.

I’d like to look at it from a more pragmatic perspective however. Suppose we were to base our societies and countries on these Christian principles. In his post, Frank also informs us that “we can’t work our way to God by being a “good person”. But why should we? Agreeing with Frank is that first off, we can’t, and secondly we don’t need to. All justice is suspended by and because of this Jesus of his.

So what would stop a Christian from murdering, stealing, raping, lying, cheating? The Christian will go unpunished no matter what the crime. It’s the perfect get out of jail free card and in fact, he would never go to jail, be sentenced, tried or arrested for anything. What is the point of laws, courts and police if we are letting every criminal go unpunished anyway?

It is ironic that the gospel guru Frank Turek who is so boastful of his moral superiority, is simultaneously preaching that being a good person is useless, unnecessary and that any crime or sin you commit is perfectly okay in the eyes of his god. A society based on Franks morality and ideas of justice, would be a society without justice and more hell on earth than he already thinks it is. Words of justice, coming from a man who thinks the torture and slow killing of a man makes that day a good day: what more need I say?

Patricia Forrester, 11 May 2022.


This post is a reaction to:

Frank Turek, “Why Good Friday is the best news ever”, 15 April 2022,,

consulted on 25 and 26 April 2022

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