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The Fascist Face of Christianity

The continuous threat to everyone’s freedom

Greg Locke, once a juvenile delinquent and regular “guest of the state”, founder of Global Vision Bible Church is our first example of insane but influential Christian fascists. This bigot takes the moral high ground whenever on stage, preaching intolerance of and hatred towards homosexuals and invoking violence on pretty much anyone who disagrees with his divine authority. Although adultery is clearly defined as a major sin in his own divine scriptures, he is above god’s law. The latter is why he felt justified in verbally (and probably physically, you only need to watch the guy for 5 minutes) abusing his wife, cheating on her with his church secretary and then divorcing her when she no longer took the abuse.

He wouldn’t be featured in this article however if his hypocrisy stopped there. He is adamant in his stance against democracy: free speech is only allowed when he is the one talking, and democracy is only a good thing when it allows him to impose his ideology on others. Freedom of religion to him and most other American Extreme-Wrong Christians means that they should have the freedom to oppress all non-Christians and even differently thinking Christians. The rule of law should be applied to protect them, but if it comes to other people’s rights then god’s laws should supersede the laws of the land.

Like all Christian prophets in the past 1,995 years, starting with the Jew Jesus, he has continuously been making false prophecies. Because his prophecies about the re-election of Trump as second term president, as privately communicated to him by god himself, have been invalidated by the real world, he excuses his failure as prophet by calling reality a lie and the victorious president Biden a criminal. Because his vision of the USA as a Christian theocracy has been set back by the election of a more appeasing and cautious Christian president than the retard Trump, he is calling for violence and the dismissal of legal proceedings on transit of power. In other words, he is calling for a dictatorship achieved by armed revolt. He is one of the people responsible for and involved in the January 6 violence at the Capitol, trying to abolish the democratic republic and installing a Christian totalitarian regime. From Locke’s own mouth: “There is no reason the church of the living God and the kingdom of Jesus Christ should not rule this nation. Those that truly follow Jesus Christ take it by force!”

For those who have trouble finding out where the statement comes from (there are many blogs, vlogs and websites that react to the video but very few state their source): it is from his sermon given on April 18th, 2021 at Global Vision Bible Church mass, streamed live on the church’s Facebook page and titled “It’s time to stand”. The infamous statement is 1 hour 23 minutes into the video. This might help to skip most of his performance. For those who can edit or tweak video material, it might be fun however to speed up the part with his sermon and turn it into a comic relief reel. Greg Locke doesn’t only talk like Hitler, he also looks like him. No surprise of course: his idea of Christian theocracy is similar to the Nazi-regime of Germany (1934-1945), the fascist regime of Italy (1922-1943), the Franco regime in Spain (1934-1975) and let’s not forget the fascist National Christian Party starting fascist rule in Romania in 1938 (just to name a few Christian countries that had no problem marrying their religion to fascist or despotic rule).To no surprise the bulk of extreme wrong evangelical protestant Christians can be found in the same states where slavery was defended as a divinely sanctioned and constitutional right of White Supremacists. Maybe that’s why the region is called the Bible Belt: Christians feel entitled to condemn anyone they feel like scapegoating at the moment and do it with the Bible in one hand and their belts in the other to beat everyone into submission. Not much has changed since 1492…1209…1096...Greg Locke incidentally refers to 1492 as a year that god renewed his covenant in concrete (although the technology of concrete was unknown to the Europeans in those days) with “white” Europeans to subdue, slaughter and exploit all other nations and inferior races. Peculiar how the descendants of the first white Europeans to colonize the Americas, are now equally despised as an ethnical group by other white European-descendants.

Here's the video with his call to violent insurrection:

I'm no expert on American legislation, but does this possibly classify him as an enemy of the state?

Greg Locke makes a lot of other unfounded, retarded remarks, in the likes of the USA being the only country on the planet that has freedom of religion (at approx. 1hr20min into the video). The comparison with Hitler above is absolutely no joke. If you watch both men, you recognize the same theatrical gestures, the demagogic technique to appeal to people’s emotions and especially fears, rather than rationality. Just like Hitler, Locke verbalizes the ideas that are already living among his audiences thus extracting approval of them. This in turn reinforces their sense of belonging to a social cohesive group. It allows the introduction of the most effective rallying technique available to all politicians: identifying, or if need be, inventing a common enemy against which all your followers can unite. Obviously, twisting a few historical facts or a lie here and there are necessary elements to sustain the delusional rhetoric.

There are many others like him of course, each one more crazy than the next. We already referenced Kenneth Copeland and his cure for Covid-19 [featured in our )

Here’s a Christian leader who loves all his neighbors, but would like his country a lot better if only he just somehow could get rid of the Jews… and Asians…. and Latino’s… or anyone with just a tad too much tan. Not the blacks of course: he does need some slaves after all. Let’s give the floor to Rick Wiles, the wisest and most righteous man on this planet:

Being a living god and Jew, is Jesus the master-mind behind this coup?

It is particularly ironic how he prophesizes “leftists” (left handed tennis players?) forcefully entering the White House to remove Trump from the presidency while it were Extreme-Wrong Christian Republican Fascists forcing their way into the capitol to obstruct the ratification of the newly and legally elected president. Luckily no one got hurt. Oh, people did? Ah well, all for the greater good Rick Wiles would say.

How this openly racist and hate-crimes-promoting pastor is even allowed to speak publicly is quite baffling: why should pastors even be allowed to talk about politics in the first place? As usual, double standards: it is okay for religious leaders to meddle in everyone’s life and politics, but it is not okay for everyone and the government to meddle in their religious affairs of tax evasion, embezzlement, profiteering, money laundering, child abuse and child rape.

Out of the video we retain these pearls of wisdom of this foxed up Looney-tuner:

At 00:42 “Homosexuality is a Jewish value”

Homosexuality is a value? I thought it is just a sexual orientation. Homosexuality is not a value. It is not something one aspires to. No child grows up with the dream of one day becoming the most charitable person on earth and oh...the most homosexual man or woman too. By the way, do you ever read the bible, you moron? The Jews were the first to declare homosexuality a sin...yet somehow they are the ones who are morally depraved? Quite confusing to say the least...

At 01:00 “These people love to abort babies”.

Hello, Mr Rick Senile?! Again: have you ever read your bible? Please open your prayer guide to some of the following pages: Numbers 5:16-22; Exodus 21:22; Hosea 9:10-16 et al...passages where your god orders the abortion of unborn babies or just kills them himself.

At 01:14 “…and so we have a brown invasion…

Uh... are you talking about those brown Lakota, Apache, Soshone, Pawnee, Susquehannock, Iroquois, and Cree… who are and have been systematically deceived, persecuted, deported, raped, mass-murdered and driven from their lands during 500 years of continuous European invasion?

Who were the Americans importing the Africans to work their fields? Were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison Jews, importing blacks from Africa to destroy the United States they had just set up? Who recruited the Chinese to build the railroads? Jews like J.H. Strobridge and contractors Turton, Knox & Ryan? And who are those depraved white business owners and family moms hiring and depending on illegal immigrants to do the chores around the house, or jobs considered too menial by most Americans? Why don’t you ever point the finger at your fellow racist preachers when they cut overhead-costs by paying under-minimum wages to those brownies?

We could of course expand this post with a brief discussion of a lot more "intelligent" pastors who declared stupidity the highest virtue and claim that the intellectually most handicapped person to ever have held office as president, Donald J. Dumb is the Messiah. But it would just be a lot more of the same insanity that seems to have infected a frightening large part of the USA’s population. We can only hope for Covid-19 to weed out the worst of them. Who knows, since a lot of them keep denying that a pandemic is going on many of these idiots refuse to wear masks, continue to hold mass gatherings or oppose any sensible measure to contain the spread. Oops, my bad, I said "sensible measure”: I should not expect anything sensible from these ignorant and backward rednecks. Anyway, with some luck they will suffer the worst punishment: the consequences of their own actions.

A Christian theocracy is many of these pastors’ wet dream and they probably polish their knobs in the cover of darkness, fantasizing how they would despotically rule America and conquer the world to either convert or kill all those primitive Europeans, Asians and Africans. To establish such a tyrannical society they have but to look at the examples set by their fellow Christian dictators since the time of Theodosius I. Between 1600 and 1900 AD many of these lunatics’ forefathers migrated to America to escape the despotic rule of Christian kings and the Catholic Church. Those days long forgotten, they now dream of turning the entire USA in a Vatican City, where one prophet of god’s word is everyone’s law, no matter how absurd that word may be.

As was the case of Nazi-Germany, as is still the case with Vatican City, all information and education would be controlled by one ruling party. Freedom of press, freedom of religion, freedom of speech would become a heretical aspiration. As was the case for centuries in Christian Europe, non-Christians would be barred from participating in governing or work as public officials. Jews, Muslims, in short all non-Christians would be barred from owning a business and their assets would gradually be confiscated to replenish the treasury coffers, which would be used to fund the lavish lifestyles of the ruling priest-pastor class. Some pastors and extreme-right sheep are calling for that right now. To sum it up: we know exactly what a Christian theocracy would look like, because we have the examples of authoritarian Christian rule during the past 1,641 years. As soon as Christianity became state religion in 380 AD (no, not under Constantine!), Christians started persecuting, oppressing and murdering non-Christians and other Christians. In spite of Vile Dick’s assertion that Jews want to kill thousands of Christians in the USA, history shows us that 97 % of all Christians killed from 380 AD till 2021 have been killed by Christians. In the early stages of a fascist Christian USA, they would of course start killing Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, freethinkers, intellectuals and so on. But once they rid themselves of their perceived enemies, they will turn on each other. We know this is the case because Christians have done it for centuries. Aside from Trump, who hates the idea of a critical free press that exposes his lies, there are of course some other fascist Extreme-Wrong Christians who try to establish dictatorial rule and we will give some of them the dubious honor of mention:

  • Jim Bakker, friend of equally insane Pat Robertson, made his fortune as televangelist and among other things, by embezzlement of more than 1.3 million dollars between 1980 and 1983. He paid off his rape victims with ministry funds. Bakker is a self-proclaimed holy prophet but was unable to predict that he would be found guilty of 15 counts of wire fraud, 8 counts of mail fraud and 1 count of conspiracy, for all of which he was sentenced to prison for 45 years. Being a white evangelical Christian, he only had to serve 4 of those. After his release, he picked up his thread of televangelism, moral high ground and sex scandals. None of his predictions came true but he insists on making false prophecies at every turn.

  • Larry Pratt is a bible thumper when it suits him. He was forced to step down from Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign (1996) when his friendship with Neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic organizations came to light. He is a strong dominionist(*), the politically correct term for a Christian fascist or Nazi. He is undoubtedly still embezzling and laundering money for the anti-choice group ‘Operation Rescue’. Despite his bible thumping, he would never allude to the above mentioned examples where god orders or demands abortions from his favorite slave people.

  • If a theocratic nation would ever be established in the USA, Kevin Swanson would be the first volunteer to organize the extermination camps for homosexuals. You can find more references to this pastor’s insane assertions on RationalWiki. I don’t want to give this nutbag too much credit. Too bad for him that humanity still kind of needs women to produce more Extreme-Wrong Republican fascists; otherwise he would just gas them all together with the homosexuals.

  • When it comes to insanity, Bryan Fischer is Kevin Schwanzdong’s number one role model. One direct quote: “the First Amendment was written neither to guarantee freedom of religion to Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus nor to prohibit their free exercise of religion. It wasn’t written about them one way or another. It was written for one specific purpose: to protect the free exercise of the Christian religion”. You can see where Kevin Schwanzdong gets his ideas: Bryan Dicker would deny women any public office or military service in his utopian fascist state; but strangely enough he calls anyone who criticized Sarah Palin (who served as governor of Alaska, a public office) a Satanist. As a rare exception, Ficker doesn’t attribute the Holocaust to the Nazis’ alleged atheism, but to their homosexuality. That explains why they systematically killed homosexuals of course. In any case, they got what they deserved: when the 15 year old Lawrence King was killed for being homosexual, he blamed the victim and called his murderer the real victim. According to Ficker, throat and mouth cancer are caused by Bill Clinton, . Yeah…he said that.

  • If you want to watch some reality-TV comedy, laugh and cry at the same time because of so much shamelessly displayed insanity, you can always return to some videos of and by Katt Kerr and Paula White. Insanity is of course not a male-only affliction.

Why don't we split up the USA and create a reservation for these religious fascists, you know, like a big sociological experiment? Allow the former Confederate States to form a new country of their own (although I already feel sorry for the millions of sane people living there, just thinking it). Let them rule their reservation according to their biblical laws. Let's launch some satellites with the specific goal of filming this society made up of these intellectually crippled (like "the Truman Show", but much funnier). I can already imagine some witch trials and burnings - any volunteers, Marjorie Greene? - , like in the good old days, when America was great still/again? Let’s all see if god will really come down to rule their paradise on earth. We, as spectators can then observe how a once prosperous and wealthy nation, along with millions of deluded bleating sheep will be led straight into hell by god himself.

Richard Dalet PHD, May 03, 2021

Notes, sources, references:

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  • (*) Dominionism is the euphemized term for totalitarian theocracy and can be seen as the Christian equivalent of the Muslim shariah or Nazi-regime. Dominionism prescribes Christians to not withdraw from the political world, but instead that they should seize power at all state levels and bring an end to the world so Christ can come back to rule. It advocates for a substantial expansion of capital punishment for crimes ranging from cheating on your spouse to working on a Sunday. They profess that the USA constitutional rights only apply to white Christians, although it doesn't specify what constitutes as the right kind of Christian to enjoy the protection of the constitution, nor does it define the degree of whiteness your skin has to display to be considered white.

  • After all, in as much as humankind can even be divided into "races", Jews, Arabians, Persians, North-Africans, parts of Pakistani and Indians are all Caucasians and the color of the skin says nothing about their provenance. Some Spaniards and Italians are darker then some Tunisians, Algerians or Lebanese. Some Caucasians will be dark temporarily, depending on the amount of sunlight they are exposed too. If you would therefore exclude a Latino from your heavenly kingdom when they have been mowing your lawn, would you have to let them back in if they stayed indoors for a few months?

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