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Jesus Johnny!

Cancers in Genesis 07

Yah is gracious: the name is one of the most popular in the world. From its initial Hebrew form Yohanan to variations like Jean, Juan, John, Jan, Johan, Ioannys etc. it is one of the most widespread given names, massively surpassing the occurrence of the name Jesus in all its variations. It is no surprise that the name appears a lot in connection with the Christian canon, whether as a character in the fantasy stories about Jesus or a later Christian commentator like John Chrysostom. The fourth gospel in the Christian New Testament, written around 120 CE or later is traditionally ascribed to another John, although this is more out of convenience than out of clear knowledge who this author was. In any case, this John seemed to be a very human author. And though he too may have been divinely inspired by a holy alcohol while writing, that spirit forced the author to be just as inconsistent and contradictory as all the divinely inspired authors before him.

Although the New Testament is a bit shorter than its prequel series, it may contain just as much, if not more contradictions than the latter. Even within one gospel there are multiple contradictions, although the adherents of Cancers in Genesis or likeminded YERCs will always deny this. Again we only list a few examples of those none-existing errors.

6. How many sons does the god of the bible have?

5. Who can ascend to heaven according to god?

4. What does god say about him witnessing about himself?

3. Does god deem human testimony about him acceptable?

2. Did god know the Jews were allowed to put him to death?

1. Is Jesus god?

Within the scope of this series of short posts we have listed a few of the many contradictions and errors in the bible. There are a lot more of course, but no matter how many of them we show, some people just prefer to remain blind and not even their own god could make them see the truth. That’s assuming this god ever wanted to do so. But for those who still prefer to use their capacity to reason, we hope to have given them some additional ammunition against religious fundamentalists. And if any of them ever tells you that there god is true and never lies, you now know that they and their god are lying.

Patricia Forrester, 10 March 2022



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