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To fill oceans of humanism and seas of secularism

In its own small way, the Church of Isa Lahat hopes to contribute to a more secular world, the only kind of world that can guarantee everyone's freedom to not believe or to believe in whatever god. If ever you see points where articles could be improved, or if you think you have an interesting article to add yourself, feel free to contact us. Meanwhile, we hope you can enjoy the posts below already. Thank you for your visit and kindest regards.

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The Eternal Cycle

Contra 'argumentum cosmologicum' Jewish, Christian and Muslim apologists all try to “prove” the existence of their made up deity through...

Refuting Leasure

On Wednesday, November 20, 2019, Ryan Leasure posted his article “Was Apollonius of Tyana a Jesus parallel?” on the website of...

Nothing special about Jesus

Was Jesus raised from the dead? It is a huge assumption. But if we do assume as much, does that make him the greatest god to have ever...

The witness is excused

The gospels of the New Testament are NOT eyewitness accounts. Christian apologists often refer to the four gospels of the so-called New...

Oh Lord, save us from Yahweh

The biblical creation myth and the One Ring to rule them all As of 2020 CE, about 53 % of the global population adheres to one of the...

The Gospel of Isa Lahat

This is the Revelation of Isa Lahat, the one and only true god. She revealed herself to me in the year commonly known as 1991 CE. Many...

COVID-19, Jesus and prayer

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein This famous quote cannot be...

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